Grace of 2011


Most people have gone through times of trouble. I am sure that you have many stories as we all do, but in the midst of the storm Gods grace shows up.

Our Eagle bus had been broke down for sometime. Praying and waiting for answers a knock came on our door in the country home where we live. The door was opened to a dear Minister Friend of ours Bro.Wayne, he began to say he wanted our Eagle bus and needed us to go see our new bus. New I say… Yes new to us. A 1989 Prevost, working for God many years never did we think God would have these blessings stored up for us.

5 years this bus had been in storage through a repo situation in another state. Little did we know while we were walking some of the darkest places in our ministry and life, that God was so far ahead of us. Thankful will never be a big enough word to express what we feel. Blessed is not enough of a word either.

You will see the Eagle bus photo,we had been to a local Church… Old fashion day. Anyone that knows this Family Ministry can say we have fought many up hill battles…Having come through them all tattered and torn, but over joyed at the blessings of God and miracles.

2010 was no different more of the same.

Somehow 2011 came a little break for us. I was telling you about the new bus you will see my husband Stanley and I. Our joy and passion we have working for God knows no boundaries, we love sharing the gospel and singing and encouraging our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

2012 has hit us hard, more sickness, my husband’s heart attack and 3 surgeries in a weeks time. Bro. Stanley’s first heart attack was in 1999, then surgery and back out on the Semi. In one months time tragedy struck again a fully loaded semi with a box trailer ran his red light talking on a cell phone and forever changed our lives.

Multiple surgeries more heart attacks , therapy to rebuild my husbands body. Confined for years of hospital bed, wheel chairs, walkers then canes. God’s grace was always with us.

Many times during those years we would promise God if he would just restore our family we would be faithful to visit home bound people , sick ,hurting and forgotten. Being reminded all along that God has the whole world in his hands.

Think about it… Would you ever drop one of your little ones ,I say not…God will never let any of us slip through his hands.
I know with all my heart this Family Ministry has only just begun. A

t first my husband ask not to be put on the web, being a Marine and also a Truck Driver you can understand the (man thing) but being a Minister he sees the other side of the situation.

Without a TEST there is no testimony we definitely want to glorify GOD and give HIM all the praise.

We are home from the Hospital after a week in Cardiac ICU, many problems still, but thank God, once again PRAYER and FAITH in GOD also fantastic Drs. and Nurses coming to the aide of Bro. Stan and not failing to give their best.

THE TUNE FAMILY is still walking on for

Thanks all of you that knew and were praying we will forever be grateful.

2012 is going to be a great year our plans this year included many more Nursing Homes, and Veterans Hospitals, this is only a short pause for rest and restoration.

We will be up and out in no time.


Our Grandson Nathan has worked so hard on putting together this video and pics. for us.

We have a wondeful family, great children that we are sending out into the fields for the Lord.

May God shine bright on everyone in this new year we are entering.

We are looking so forward to see what God has in store for our family as well as yours.

The Tune Family.

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